Introducing Words for Charity

"Writing" by Pedro Ribeiro Simões
“Writing” by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

[Today’s featured image:  ‘Writing’ by Pedro Ribeiro Simões is licensed under CC BY 2.0]

Thanks for visiting our blog and welcome to the first edition!!

We are a support blog for aspiring writers and those who wish to give their creative works, for the purpose of supporting charities that help others!

Our focus of creative works is the short story.

At our concept is simple, we have chosen to partner with some of the top charities that support various causes (veterans, Alzheimer’s, children causes, etc)

As a writer you can contribute a short story that is linked to any of our partner charities, upon approval from our ambassadors (who follow our WFC rubric) your story is published with all proceeds being donated to the charity of your choice!

After all if a person can run, bike or swim for a cause, why not write for one?

As a published author on, you will receive several benefits, including a message board, reader demographics  and of course the satisfaction that you have helped a great cause.

If you would like more information visit our website at

In the future this blog will be providing writers of all skill levels, helpful hints on their craft, being published, as well as motivation for bring the written creative work to fruition.

In addition this blog will provide information and awareness for the charities and causes that we support.

Donate a story today and catch a #givebackbuzz!

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