Meet the Charities


Photo by Ed Gregory

When Publish for Charity (PFC) discussed the concept of “Words for Charity” a large part of the development time was spent on the Charities it wished to support.


After multiple discussions our criteria came into focus.  We wanted to offer writers a broad spectrum of quality organizations. These organizations would touch different areas of the philanthropic arena.  All of the organizations had to be creating an impact in their chosen cause and most importantly the organizations have to be delivering a substantial return on their donation dollar.

As we narrowed our focus, it became apparent that we could put together a small roster of quality Charities, that not only fit these criteria, but all had some impact on our lives or the lives of others close to us.

You can get to know more about these Charities by visiting

In the coming weeks we will be writing about each charity, from our personal experience, having witnessed their efforts or having been affected by the challenge that the charity is trying overcome.

There is no partnership between the Charities that were chosen and Publish for Charity or its affiliate program “Words for Charity”.  No money comes back from any of these organizations to PFC or  “Words for Charity”

If you wish to suggest a charity, please feel free to contact us at  The Charity should have a national footprint, and must  meet the criteria that have been developed.

If you are a writer, donate a story today and select one of our charities, as we are fond of saying “If you can walk, run or bike for a cause, why not write for one”

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