Control your Content!

The incredible beauty of writing is that there are no personal physical limitations to creating a great story.  Whether it is a novel, short story, poem, verse or any other format, the quality of the work is the story telling talent of the individual’s passion, imagination and skill.  Imagination and passion are unique inherent traits of each writer and this is what gives a story its creativity.  The true beauty of writing is that it has no limitation on creativity.


Skill on the other hand is learned.  What we learn through our education is part of this skill, with grammar being at the forefront.  What is just as important for the quality of a story (short or long) is the skill we acquire as storytellers.  It is this skill that is honed through time, process, and feedback that makes each individual’s voice unique and brings a quality to their work.

Let’s look at an area of writing; its content, that when performed at a level of high skill will create a quality reading experience that will enhance your reputation as a writer.

Content Inconsistencies – As a writer, your job is to have the reader leave the world they are currently in and enter the one you have created, to suspend all disbelief and move into an imaginary state.  To gain the trust of the reader, the writer must remain as consistent as possible.  A reader should never have to be brought back into the current state because of a lack of attention to detail in the story.

Content Repetition – Repetition can be either a hindrance or a powerful tool in creating a quality story, it is the skill of the writer that determines the outcome.  If the need to repeat something is essential to the story – many times repetition creates influence – then add some new detail that creates an inquisitive desire for the reader to continue. No matter what type of story you are writing, the quality and readability of your work will be harmed by irrelevant material.

Content Material – Every story has an ending. It is the road that is taken to reach that destination that determines the quality of the story. Engaging stories will reward the readers time by avoiding dull, inconsistent or wandering content.

I do have a short chuckle, when I hear the term “Content is key” when describing a blog or a website, as if this catch phrase was new or inventive to the Internet experience!  Since the time of telling stories around the fire at the base of the cave, content has been key!

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