Words for Charity 2017 Grant Program Submissions deadline in 4 weeks!

Publish for Charity an Illinois 501c3 will be closing submissions for the  2017 Grant Program for www.wordsforcharity.org. on April 30th.

Now is the time to submit your stories for review and possible selection as a winner of one of our generous $5000 grant awards.

Grant One – A grant of $5000.00 (minimum) will be awarded to the individual donator who short story(ies) contribution(s) generate the most gross donations to a charity.

Grant Two – A second Grant of $5000.00 (minimum) will be awarded upon a computer drawing of a contributor’s name.
This will be a random drawing with each contributing author receiving one entry in the drawing.

Grant Three – The third grant of $5000.00 (minimum) will be awarded to the individual randomly picked by a computer. This drawing will be weighted with each contributing author receiving one entry per story sold regardless of gross donations generated.

Of course a Grant program could not exist without some parameters in writing

Time period for submissions end on 4/30/17.
Measurements for Grants one and three will end on 7/31/17.
Stories previously published are eligible as long as the author has the right to do so.
WFC & PFC staff, board and ambassadors and their family members are not eligible.
All drawings will be made by computer algorithm based upon the rules set forth above.

“If you can run, bike or walk for a good cause, why not write for one”!

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