2018 Winter Program Benevolent Quill Grant awarded

Words For Charity is pleased to announce that it has awarded its Benevolent Quill grant to Caridad Cole.


The Benevolent Quill grant is awarded to the individual who short stories raise the most money during the grant period. Caridad donated two stories that raised money for Publish for Charity.

Caridad – a recent graduate of Bard College – is a 23-year-old writer, filmmaker, and actress. She spends most of her time coming up with stories and then deciding which medium would be best to tell them. The world of fantasy has always been her home and she sometimes finds it’s the easiest way to navigate real-world issues.

Currently residing on the east coast, Caridad is dedicating even more time to writing and is currently shopping her new book (based on Empty Houses) and can’t wait to meet the right editors and publishers.

To learn more about Caridad, please visit https://www.wordsforcharity.org/site/author/48

To learn more about Publish for Charity please visit www.publishforcharity.org

In addition to the Benevolent Quill grant, Words For Charity will be awarding two more grants in the next ten days. For more information about Words For Charity, its grants and its mission, please visit our website at www.wordsforcharity.org.

A final word of thanks to all authors and readers for their participation during the 2018 Winter Grant Program, your contributions have helped to support both great causes and creative talent!

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