WFC now accepting submissions for the 2019 Fall Grant Program

Publish for Charity is excited to announce its 2019 Spring Grant Program for  The grants will all be awarded in February 2020.

The Words for Charity grant program is based on the goal of supporting authors of short stories who create a #givebackbuzz by donating their work(s) to raise monies for charities.

Ambassadors who follow a standard writing Rubric select all of our stories. Our Grants focus on the actions of the contributor; raising money and marketing their story while raising awareness for their selected charity.
In addition to possible monetary rewards, contributors will enjoy the benefits of Words for Charity’s ongoing marketing, social media and community efforts.

Without further fanfare here are the WFC Fall 2019 Grants;

  • “The Benevolent Quill” is a grant of $1,500 (minimum) which will be awarded to the individual author contributor whose short story(ies) generate the most gross donations to a charity.
  • “The Compassionate Chronicle” is a grant in the amount of $750.00 (minimum). This grant will be awarded to an individual author contributor randomly picked by a computer. This drawing will be weighted with each contributing author receiving one entry per story downloaded regardless of gross donations generated.
  • “The Philanthropic Scribe” is a grant in the amount of $500.00 (minimum). This grant will be awarded to an author contributor randomly picked by a computer. This will be a random drawing with each contributing author (who chose to participate in the grant program) receiving one entry, with a computer picking the recipient.

Of course what is a Grant program without some disclaimers, so here you are!

  1. Time period for submissions end on 9/30/2019.
  2. Measurements for Grants one and three will end on 1/31/2020.
  3. WFC & PFC staff, board and ambassadors and their direct family are not eligible.
  4. All drawings will be made by computer algorithm based upon the rules set forth above.

Don’t procrastinate, enter your short story today. You will immediately become wealthier in spirit, and perhaps wealthier in your wallet.

We figured if you can run, bike or walk for charity, why not read and write for one?

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