2019 Spring Program Compassionate Chronicle Grant Awarded

Words For Charity is pleased to announce that it has awarded its 2019 Spring “Compassionate Chronicle” grant to Mario Montoya.

Mario hails from Albuquerque NM. His work has appeared in various books, anthologies, journals and websites, including The Santa Fe Reporter, a weekly journal based in Santa Fe, NM. In 2018, he was granted a spot in the book All at Once I Saw My Colors, an anthology pressed by Z Publishing house.

Mario published his short story “Use it or Lose It” with Words for Charity, to benefit Newborns in Need, one of our fantastic featured Charities. To enjoy his story & support Newborns in Need, or for more information about Words For Charity and its mission, please visit our website at www.wordsforcharity.org.

To learn more about Mario, please visit his author page on Words for Charity.

To learn more about Publish for Charity please visit www.publishforcharity.org

If you are a writer the Words for Charity Fall 2019 Grant Program is now open. Just click on this link and begin a rewarding journey and share your talents while helping others!
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