New Grant for 2020

We are excited to be adding a new grant to the Words for Charity grant programs.

The “Emerging Philanthropist” grant will be awarded annually to the author whose contributions raise the most donations for charity at, in a given calendar year.

So with out further adieu here are the broad strokes;

The grant will be in the amount of $5,000.

The time period will be January 1st 2020 thru December 31st 2020.

Authors may submit multiple short stories and pick multiple organizations to support.

Submission must follow the Grant Participation rules.

All stories that have been published prior to 2020 and meet the Grant Participant guidelines are eligible.

All stories submitted through out the year of 2020 are eligible.

Authors may be eligible for both the “Emerging Philanthropist” grant and any other grant being awarded in our Spring & Fall programs.

For more information on how stories & charities are selected, as well as all that other important legal stuff, visit us at

So finish that story, dust off  the typewriter and submit today. Because if you can walk, bike or run for a charity, why not write for one!!

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