2019 Spring Program Benevolent Quill Grant awarded

Words For Charity is pleased to announce that it has awarded its Benevolent Quill grant for Spring 2019 to Danielle DiNatale. Danielle DiNatale The Benevolent Quill grant is awarded to the individual who short story (ies) raise the most money during the grant period. Danielle's fantastic short story "Ghost Stories"helped to raise funds for her … Continue reading 2019 Spring Program Benevolent Quill Grant awarded

WFC now accepting submissions for the 2019 Spring Grant Program

Publish for Charity is excited to announce its 2019 Spring Grant Program for www.wordsforcharity.org.

Time period for submissions end on 1/4/2019.
Measurements for Grants one and three will end on 4/30/2019.
WFC & PFC staff, board and ambassadors and their direct family are not eligible.
All drawings will be made by computer algorithm based upon the rules set forth above.